Gear up for a fly

Many a tear fall, Breaking us into pieces and fireball. Hold that spark, Learn to glow in dark. You aren't a single jewel, You're an ocean of pearl. There's no might, that can make you feel plight. Look beyond the sky, Beyond 'you' & 'I' . A beautiful life awaits for you, And not disguise.... Continue Reading →

Pleasure of poetry

There's a storm, I hold in my heart, For all I suffered in my past . All my anger, sadness,joy and grief are stored beneath my scar. I was as lonely as a bear, Never had someone to wipe my tear. The only way I had to speak, Was to work on my art An... Continue Reading →

Glimpse of Switzerland

This is one of the click I captured while exploring the beautiful valley of Switzerland.. How can I forget the mesmerizing clear sky and and those clouds which add beauty to the environment of Switzerland

Cart of delightful memories

The warmth of your arm. Hearth my calm. A breeze whistle in heart. And I forget my past. Under the sky of star, No scar. And a guitar, though I play bizarre. But that's where it's me, No one to judge or to make prejudice about us. We walked a long path, And I don't... Continue Reading →

Old days and nowdays

It's been months that we have stepped out of our house to chill,relax. It seems so long since we walked in breeze under the star, in the dawn and dusk, I really miss running on the streets, climbing trees, plucking flowers and sitting on green grass So it's been more than 1 month we are... Continue Reading →

I lost my whole.

Losing you was not easy for me, The day I lost you, star screamed at me Deep inside, I knew am done happily listening you at once Before a final good bye, I wanna be with you, won't talk, won't spam Just want to feel your breathe. I am fine if u just want to... Continue Reading →

In the End

Why to grudge, why to curse When can live with bliss Why to fear, Live in tear . When life gives you a cheer Remember Every smile doesn’t mean happiness, every mile doesn’t mean distance Neither your sorrow, Nor your delight remain constant It’s just a matter of time after which everything is dead ~Aayushi... Continue Reading →

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